My experience of recording at Starfield Studios was very positive. As a songwriter, whilst recording a song, you sometimes get to a stage where it`s just about there, but you sense there`s a little more to come out and complete the picture. The combination of a warm and sympathetic atmosphere, and having great sound somehow just really helped me to reach a point that felt complete. I will be back with my next songs – thank you James. Sam Ellis
As a guitarist I set myself high standards. Having very strong support in the the groove and rhythm area at Starfield Studios made life easier. Somehow being in the space there really put me `in the zone` and I found myself playing stuff with which I remain very pleased. Also getting honest feedback about timing and tuning from someone with such a keen ear was very helpful. Looking forward to further visits in the future. Lisa Clampton
With its backdrop of the beautiful rolling hills of East Sussex, Starfield instantly puts you in the right place to create wonderfully inspired music. and James is the perfect host when it comes to keeping your project on course, adding those extra touches that only his years of experience behind the desk can offer. Simon Power
James Asher's Starfield studio provides a delightfully relaxed, yet focused creative space in which to make music. Sessions there are always productive and fun. Chris Smith
We want to thank James for amazing recording sessions. He did a huge job for us. Apart from his excellent recording and mastering skills, he is also a pro musician with a real insight into the music industry, offering advice, support and inspiring ideas during the creative process. Mixing was done in no time and and sounded exactly as we wanted. We will definitely be back soon, highly recommended to anyone looking for a top quality recording studio with a friendly atmosphere. Tomas and Ziza Siroky
My experience of recording some of my own songs at Starfield Studios was more then I could have wished for. Having never been in a recording studio of any kind, I was nervous and apprehensive about it, but I needn’t have worried. The kind and encouraging nature of James Asher coupled with his years of experience in the recording industry as a technician, also his immense talents as a musician and recording artist were all used to encourage the best from me. James helped and at my request, added percussion and keyboards which were amazing and added other levels to my music. A totally inspiring Studio and experience. I recommend it to all aspiring and professional musicians. Doug Surdon
I have known James Asher as a fellow musician and we have played in the same band “Howlin Blues” for twelve years. James runs Starfield Studios as he plays with our band, and others, as a consummate experienced professional. He quietly encourages the best and then a bit extra from you. James for me, runs a unique studio.I have recorded many times with him and never been disappointed. The only limiting factor in the recording process is your self! James will always be happy to collaborate and encourage or leave you totally to your own ideas and talents. Any kind of recording that is required musical, vocal, advertising all catered for and with as much or as little of the latest and technology as you choose. Call James and take a look around the studio. Dave “Howling” Dowling
I have had the pleasure of doing an extensive amount of recording in Starfield studio with James Asher. The location is wonderful, at the foot of the South Downs, with inspiring views when one steps outside. The environment in the studio is calm and well organised, with some of the latest technology, that James is very well acquainted with, and able to call in to play to help the creative process along. The hardware is impressive too, with top end microphones that James has collected over his long career. These give a really faithful representation of any acoustic instruments. James is a very experienced sound technician, and will give advice when he feels the source sound needs attention, but is also willing to go with the flow if one wants to explore a more experimental approach. I would highly recommend Starfield Studios for any musical project that would benefit from supportive guidance on its structuring and creation, alongside a broad range of current technical tools. Extensive percussion and fine sounding keyboards add to a truly huge array of virtual sounds, and are ably operated by an experienced and skilled engineer, who is himself a talented and successful recording artist. Bruce Knapp